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chinesisches Symbol für Qi & dessen Bedeutung

Barong massages & Barong consultations

Each Barong massage and Barong consultation is individually tailored to the physical and mental condition of the person in question. Body, mind and soul are brought back into balance to achieve a lasting sense of well-being. If the body feeling is in balance and the mind and soul are well, then the body is fit and full of positive life energy.

chinesisches Symbol für Geist & dessen Bedeutung

Spiritual life counseling

Each person has his or her own destiny and personal and professional conflicts in life to master. The path can sometimes be more or less rocky. These circumstances affect the body & mind, which can lead to physical & mental blockages, which in turn can lead to long-term health problems & a mental depression. In order to avoid or alleviate this, one can take precautions by consciously dedicating oneself to one’s own inner destiny and thus recognise one’s personal life-task, in order to put this realisation into action.

A proverb says “prevention is better than cure”.

My role as a spiritual life consultant is to help you to recognise your life’s purpose, to support you in your life’s path, so that you can consciously and independently live out your personal life task. Because the life task strengthens the life energy, the so-called Qi, that Qi animates the soul and the spirit forms the body.

Barong Massagen

General effects of Barong massages

Barong massages not only serve to relax muscles, skin and connective tissue, but also have other positive effects. They lead to less stress, better sleep, are pain-relieving, have an effect on internal organs, strengthen the immune system, are caresses for the soul and promote self-healing powers.

Barong Massagen

Barong head, neck, shoulder & back massage

Tensions and blockages are released in the head, neck, shoulder and lumbar areas. Special grips and strokes relax and warm up the back muscles, stimulate the blood circulation and thus activate the regeneration ability.

Barong Massagen

Barong full body massage

This holistic Barong massage combines Balinese, Chinese and other types of massage to bring the body back into balance. It is a special combination of acupressure and meridian massage. Stretches, strokes and pressure point movements in a gentle and deep execution provide stress reduction and deep relaxation. The self-healing powers as well as the energy flow in the whole body are activated. This leads to a vitalising body feeling.